NLVMUG 2016 sessions

This March the 17th, the annual NLVMUG UserCon will be held in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Last year an amazing turnout  of 900+ attendees was reached! It turned out to be one of the largest VMUG world wide. Let’s top that this year!

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It’s gonna be a full agenda with around 23 sessions divided between VMware, sponsor and community speakers. Next to that there’s  also the boot-camps and 2 keynotes. Speaking at keynote 1 will be VMware’s own Kit Colbert! You can use the breaks to have a look at all the stands. Be sure to talk to as much interesting vendors as possible. Hear them out on what they could bring to your IT challenges.

It will be an action packed day. One could say the NLVMUG is starting to look like, a sort-off, mini VMworld.

Rutger and myself will be there, presenting in our own VMUG community sessions. Check out our time slots:

Note: our sessions will be in Dutch.

How to design application availability on a stretched cluster.

My slot (10.30 – 11.10) is right after the first keynote and will be in the Dexter room. I will be talking about application availability using stretched clusters. A lot of the stuff I’ve used in my VCDX application & defense, I will include in this presentation.

So in a nutshell; What are all the challenges that come along with a stretched cluster deployment to comply with your application availability SLA. Think:

  • Why stretched clusters?
  • Are stretched clusters still a hot topic!?
  • What are stretched cluster design considerations?
  • How do you ‘stretch’ networks?     (hint: will include NSX)
  • What about storage requirements?
  • How to be comfortable with your own IT infrastructure! Think about all the failure scenarios.
  • What are other options next to stretched clusters?

So much to talk about, so little time. I hope to see you in the Dexter room to take you through my experiences on what I believe is still a very populair infrastructure deployment model nowadays.

Scale up/out, flash, hyperconverged, software defined… which architecture for what workload?

Storage is still a hot topic amongst virtualization administrators and the storage landscape is ever changing. It’s hard to keep track of the new startups and technologies and it can be challenging to see through the marketing FUD. Rutger will discuss a variety of topics that make up or impact storage architectures.

  • Comparison of 4 popular storage architectures (scale up, scale out, host caching, hyperconverged)
  • Pros and cons of software defined storage
  • Explanation of the storage I/O gap and latency in your datacenter (nano/micro/milliseconds)
  • Block, file and object storage explained
  • Do protocols matter? (iSCSI, NFS, FC, FCoE)
  • Where to deploy flash? (acceleration, hybrid, all flash)
  • Data availability; replication, RAID and other forms of erasure coding
  • Closer look at data services (compression, dedupe, snapshotting)
  • What will the future bring?

To conclude…

Don’t miss out on a fun day full of learning and networking! Register now if you still haven’t done so!

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