vRops: Beware of the Filters

The other day we were messing around with VMware vRealize Operations Manager a.k.a. vRops. My customer wanted to have a clear overview of virtual machines being over- or undersized.

I like to use default views within vRops and adjust them to my needs. The same goes in this example using the predefined Virtual Machine Rightsizing CPU, Memory, and Disk Space view. As I was tuning this view to our liking, it only showed the virtual machines that were oversized.

I am just as curious about undersized virtual machines, but those were missing. I was expecting to see 4 virtual machines instead of 2…

vrops filters

Maybe it’s just me, or me still in ramping-up mode after a short vacation, but I missed the filters that were applicable to this view. Even though the description says it all… 🙂

List of Virtual Machine Rightsizing CPU, Memory, and Disk Space. This list is filtered to only VMs that are oversized and are currently powered on.

Once I got that  I quickly reconfigured the filters within the view. You can do so by edit the view.

vrops filters
In the edit screen, select the tab ‘filters‘ to see the applied filters. In this case, it was justified to delete the ‘CPU|Is Oversized‘ filter.

vrops filters
Once saved, the view did show all the virtual machines. If you mind the numbers, there is some adjustment in VM sizing possible here to say the least.

vrops filters


So, lessons learned; Beware of the filters in vRops! They can come in very handy when defining new views, but remember them when using predefined views.

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