vMotion Deep Dive Series

In my latest blog posts, we discussed the vSphere vMotion process in detail. Those blog posts are now accompanied by light board videos (including subtitles/closed captions!). Be sure to check this vMotion Deep Dive Series:

Part 1: Introduction to the vMotion process

This video will explain the basic concept of a workload live migration using vSphere vMotion. We’ll discuss in detail what processes are involved from a vCenter Server and ESXi host perspective. What happens when you initiate a vMotion? Watch the video to find out!

Part 2: vMotion Memory Copy – Under the Hood

In a previous video, we explained the vMotion process. This video will give detailed information on how vMotion keeps track of memory pages, and how memory is copied from the source to the destination ESXi host.

Part 3: vMotion Stream Architecture

This video will share details on the vMotion stream architecture. It will show what can be done to tune vMotion bandwidth utilization for high bandwidth networks (25GbE and up).

Part 4: Troubleshooting vMotion

In this video, we will explain how to troubleshoot vMotion. What logs files are used by the various processes. What to look for in those log files? Learn by watching this video.

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