Attending VMworld 2015

This August Rutger Kosters & myself will attend VMworld 2015 US where we will represent our employer YaWorks. We will fly in a bit early (on Wednesday the 26th of August) to check on the Valley before we will head to downtown SFO. We will hook up with a (near) local who is quite familiar with the Valley and SFO surroundings. 😉

Update 1: Our befriended near local inhabitant (Frank Denneman) arranged visits to some of the most interesting vendors out there. We will meet-up with the clever minds of the following vendors in their HQ prior to VMworld!

Flights booked, straight from Amsterdam to San Francisco. Some pretty cool residences booked in Palo Alto (first few days) and SFO. Gotta love Airbnb! Ford Mustang > check!!
Needless to say we are pretty damn pleased, to say the least, with the support from our employer who made this all possible for us. 😀


Cloudfix colleague Robert Verdam will, almost certainly, attend VMworld 2015 EMEA in Barcelona. We will try to make it to Barcelona also… Time will tell.

Update 2: Robert and myself are among the few of many vExperts to have received a blogger-pass by VMware for VMworld Barcelona!! Rutger will wander the streets of Barcelona during day hours and will be available for dinner and parties! 😀


Content Catalog

As of this week, the VMworld 2015 content catalog is available. Go check it here! It contains all accepted sessions within the available tracks.

The following sessions look very promising. I’m sure the selection below is missing some great ones though. Be sure to comment your own favorite sessions!!


INF4535 – 5 Functions of Software Defined Availability by Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman

In this session Duncan and Frank will discuss 5 functions of Software Defined Availability, which are part of vSphere 6.0. For each of these functions certain scenarios will be discussed to explain how vSphere can help improving availability of your workloads. This ranges from “how Site Recovery Manager and Storage DRS are loosely coupled but tightly integrated” with vSphere 6.0 to “how vSphere HA responds in the case of a certain failure”. Be prepared to get in to the trenches of workload availability…


STO6289-SPO – Top Design Principles for Architecting a VM-Aware Storage Infrastructure by Frank Denneman

Virtualization has revolutionized the modern datacenter. But traditional storage systems are struggling to keep pace, introducing performance bottlenecks that hamper VM performance and create unnecessary cost and complexity. Flash offers the potential for relief, but where is it ideally placed – in the server, storage or both? Is flash the best storage technology going forward? And perhaps most importantly, what design principles must be taken into consideration to architect a storage environment that is ideally suited for your virtualized application environment. Join Frank Denneman, PernixData’s Chief Technologist, as he takes a deep dive into these issues, addressing the following topics: · The pros and cons of various storage architectures in virtualized data centers · The evolution of server media and the future role of server-side storage · Key design principles for building a storage architecture that decouples storage performance from capacity and delivers low latency I/O acceleration with fault tolerance · Tools for combining VM and infrastructure intelligence together for a holistic approach to data center design and operations · Future considerations for building a storage infrastructure that will grow with your VM needs.


INF4759 – vSphere Hybridity 101: Connecting the Dots from vCenter Server to vCloud Air by Narayan Bharadwaj and Matt Dreyer

Overview of VMware Hybridity • Use cases • Demo


SDDC5027 – VCDX Unwrapped – Everything You Wanted to Know About VCDX by Jason Nash, Chris Colotti, Duncan Epping, Matt Vandenbeld and Simon Long.

The VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) program is growing every year. More and more people are interested in what it takes to become a VCDX. This moderated talk-show style panel session made up of a VCDX from each of the four tracks, (DCV, NV, DTM, CMA) will help potential candidates understand the value of getting their VCDX. It will also be a no-holds barred open discussion on what it takes to achieve this premier VMware certification. Hear from these experts on their journey and the incredible value that comes with becoming a VCDX yourself. This session will also feature live Q&A from the audience so come prepared with your own questions! This is the place to find out everything you ever wanted to know about becoming a VCDX, from live VCDX holders in a lively interactive session.


NET5640 – Building a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure with EVO:RACK and NSX Integrations by Roberto Mari

EVO: RACK is the Ready to deploy, scalable, hyper-converged infrastructure for the Software Defined Datacenter. EVO:Rack leverages VMware NSX to provide the Networking and Security Services for applications deployed. In this session we will cover how NSX integrates within the EVO:RACK. We will also highlight how EVO:RACK helps with preparation, optimization, consumptions and day-2 operations of the NSX Logical Networking components. A practical case study around Automation and Deployment with EVO:RACK and NSX will be analyzed in detail.

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