Blog growth and VMware vExpert 2015!

Today we achieved the VMware vExpert 2015 status!! All three of us!! We are very happy with the fact we are being recognized as contributors to the VMware community.


It is funny to see ourselves enthusiastic about blogging as we are! We used to make kinda fun of bloggers… don’t know why exactly, probably jealousy speaking back then. 😉
However, as we started Cloudfix in April 2014, we rapidly became more and more involved with each other as members of Cloudfix and the VMware community. Our hangouts chat, containing the three of us, is mega often used! We constantly discuss tech and other stuff with each other. Next to that, we track each others progress in our professional careers in an non-healthy competitive environment. I think we supplement each other. 🙂

So, setting up Cloudfix was a great idea and it’s really fun to do. It is time consuming, but worth it. We saw a growth in numbers of visitors we did not expect in the beginning. Heck, it even got better beginning 2015!! Pretty awesome for a beginning blog like ours…

Stats 2014

We did adjust and enhance our blog during 2014; a new design/theme was introduced and a lot of fine-tuning was done on usability/design and SEO. We even got some pointers for blog improvement from Frank Denneman which paid off…

Using the raw web log files from 2014 we noticed a steady growth in (unique) visitors.


I used a screenshot from the actual statspage, which is in dutch. So a short lesson in dutch if necessary;

Maand = Month
Unieke bezoekers = Unique visitors
Aantal bezoekers = Total number visits

Ideas and future

We stil have plenty more to come. First of all we need to keep momentum which can be a handful because we are busy working on either VCDX or CCIE. We also have our busy day jobs and there is our family which will require some quality time… Nonetheless we are keen to improve!!

We have some ideas on expanding our blog with the likes of guest blogposts or a sort-off ‘lead-engineer’ interview series. If you are triggered by either one, hit us up at!!

Also, we will try to attend VMUG’s and VMworld USA and/or EMEA again… Already looking forward to meet ya’ll. 😀


The complete list of all vExperts 2015 is found here.

A big ‘thank you’ goes out to Corey Romero and the VMware Social Media & Community Team! It’s superb to be part of this community as vExpert!!

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  1. Tomas ten Dam

    As we say in Dutch: “Good Busy”

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