Exploring Hedvig

We had the chance to sit down and have a chat with the Hedvig EMEA guys last week. They gave us a very good presentation on what Hedvig can bring and what they are working on. As we recently got to know Hedvig and their software defined storage solution, we were pretty amazed with their view on SDS and their long list of supported platforms and enterprise storage features and services. Although it is pretty hard to explain all the goods Hedvig brings in one post, we will give it a try! 🙂


hedvig-cloudfixNot too long ago, Hedvig Inc came out of stealth after a period of developing since June of 2012. They are opting for a slightly different approach with the general availability (GA) status compared to other SDS start-ups. When their software will be GA with version 1.0, it will be a fully developed, full feature solution which is already running production at several enterprise early adopter customers! It is likely version 1.0 is released next week (week 23)!!

Okay, so let us focus on what makes Hedvig unique. They introduce themselves using the quote below.

Put simply: Hedvig gets better and smarter as it scales. Hedvig defies conventional wisdom, transforming commodity hardware into the most advanced storage solution available today. Hedvig accelerates data to value by collapsing disparate storage systems into a single platform, creating a virtualized storage pool that provisions storage with a few clicks, scales to petabytes, and runs seamlessly in both private and public clouds.


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VMTurbo? VMTurbo!

I have to admit I never used VMTurbo before. Heard a lot about them, read a fair deal about them, but never actually deployed their solutions myself. Let’s change that! And while I’m at it, let me write down my 2 cents on VMTurbo in this post…


So, VMTurbo first launched it’s offering in August 2010 and kept growing steadily. Their solution providing you the tools you need to utilize your virtual infrastructure at a much more efficient way compared to the resource monitoring and management your hypervisor brings you by default.

It will bring you great advantages like; less effort needed from your administrators to manually monitor and configure resources for your virtual infrastructure running your applications. And, it will create a more predicable performance for your applications! You will also benefit from being able to serve more workloads on your virtual infrastructure with less compute resources.


Quick deployment

Needless to say, I’m testing VMTurbo on a vSphere cluster. My homelab to be exact.
Using the OVA template, you should be up and running within minutes. I had to tone down the resources, used by the appliance, a notch. By default it’s willing to claim 4 vCPU’s and 16GB memory. No worries there in a common cluster, but within my lab environment, memory is scarce. 🙂


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